Frequently Asked Question

What can or should I bring ?

  • a camera: you’ll be riding in stunning scenery in a national park: you’ll really want to go back with some photos to show your friends
  • a small backpack; we provide water but you will still need something to hold it in; a CamelBak is ideal, but any small backpack that can hold a bottle of water and your personal items will do

What makes you different from your competitors ?

With us, it’s all about the riding

  • We shuttle you straight to the top of the mountain, unload the bikes and start riding, no waiting around
  • We ask riders for an honest assessment of their skills and avoid mixed abilities groups, because the faster riders end up waiting and the slower riders feel under pressure to speed up

How often do you stop on the trail ?

The pace of the ride and the frequency of stopping to catch your breath is dictated by the group. We’re in no rush to get to the bottom, but if the entire group is, then we are too.

Why shouldn’t I go on my own ?

That is certainly an option, but there are a few things to bear in mind:

  • most trails end in a remote area, from which it will be difficult to get transport back into town, let alone a ride back to the top for another run.
  • it is easy to get lost: when you’re riding down the mountain at high speed, it’s easy to miss a turn-off and end up at a dead-end. Hiking back up the mountain with your bike is nobody’s idea of fun (we’ve been there)
  • should anything go wrong with your bike, your tour guide is a skilled mechanic and carries basic spares for most trail repairs


Do you provide transport from Chiang Mai airport ?

Transport from Chiang Mai airport is not included in our trips, but can be arranged for a small fee upon request. If you need airport transfer, please indicate this on the booking form and include arrival information

Where can I get my bike washed ?

For a small fee (100 baht, not including spare parts), X-biking provides an overnight bike scrub with basic maintenance, so your bike is in good shape for the next day’s riding

Where can I get my bike serviced ?

Chiang Mai has several good bike shops that can service your bike. X-Biking can point you in the right direction or even drop the bike off at the shop

I have a non-riding partner. Will he or she be bored ?

We doubt it. In its 2011 list, Lonely Planet voted Chiang Mai the #10 city in the world to visit. Here’s what they have to say:

“If Chiang Mai were a person, it would be Bob Dylan. With a history dating back further than anyone can remember, its influence remains enormous. And despite its great age, there’s still a bohemian chic that makes it as relevant and hip as ever. Culture capital of Thailand, Chiang Mai was once the heart of the Lanna kingdom. Today those wanting to flee the bustle of Bangkok visit to lounge in coffee shops and drink in the city’s artisanal atmosphere. With a friendly, cosmopolitan feel, this is one easy, safe and pleasant place to explore. There are dozens of well-preserved temples here, too. Many new ecotours and adventure trips are appearing, and with a choice of river rafting, elephant rides, trekking and off-road cycling, even the biggest adrenaline junkie will be sated.”