Doi Pui to Huay Thung Thao Lake (1&2)

Beginner 16 km 1,300 meter
A long winding run with beautiful views of the mountain and through the lychee orchard down to Huay Tueng Tao Lake. If you’re looking for a relaxing mix of gentle downhill and a little cross-country, these two trails are perfect.

Bamboo Trail

Easy 7.7 km 1,000 meter
The Bamboo Trail is probably the fastest trail around. A few kilometers of fast smooth single-track take you deep into the forest where you’ll be riding some tight turns, then a very steep but smooth descent followed by a long stretch of sweeping berms where you can stay off the brakes and build up speed. Until you hit the final section that consists of treacherous loose rocks, that is.

ATV Trail – Original Line

Difficult 8 km 1,100 meter
This trail shares the top and bottom sections with the regular ATV trail, but is very different in between. We take a left turn off the main trail and follow fast and smooth single track to a small creek. We push our bikes up the bank on the other side of the creek and continue down an endless series of small to medium-sized steps and drops that will have you grinning ear to ear.

Gee’s House Trail

Difficult 14.3 km 1,400 meter

Gee’s House Trail is perhaps Doi Pui’s signature trail and is also available as a separate, single ride. It isn’t the toughest trail in the area but it has a good mix of ruts, roots and rocks and it is, above all, fun to ride. After a short stop at the coffee plantation, we ride swiftly on through the village and drop down into the single track behind the village school.

The heavily rutted track takes us deep into the forest where we can get some air at a wooden ramp and that runs out into a clearing. We turn left onto a superfast dirt road and dive back into the single track that never lets up until we hit the rocks. By that stage we’re already in the foothills and a quick ride down some stairs takes us back to the truck.

Hell Track

Difficult 13 km 1,400 meter

This trail has 4 main sections, comprises of double track and single track which connects to the last section of Gee’s House. There is a nice coffee shop on the hill for you to rest and enjoy the fantastic view and fresh coffee. After that the trail will pass through the village and temple, then double track. 5-10 minutes away you will be in second section which is single track.

There is a little push up before you enjoy the smooth downhilling till the third section which has rock garden and quite steep. Enjoy technical ride and stop at a beautiful waterfall for a great rest and beautiful view of Chiang Mai.

Chom View

Difficult 2.5 km 361 meter
This trail is occasionally used for DH competitions. It starts at Chom View (“View Point”) and ends 2.5 exhilarating kilometers later behind Chiang Mai university. The trail features stairs at either end of the trail as well as plenty of small to medium-sized drops and log jumps.

ATV Trail – Race Line

Advanced 8 km 1,100 meter

If we were to describe the ATV Trail in one word, it would be “rocks”. The top section consists of fast single track with a few (optional) wooden ramps where you can get air, and a very steep and smooth slope with no discernible trail (you pick your own line) in between.

After that, it’s rocks all the way to the bottom: a rock garden with big boulders gets the adrenaline pumping and later gives way to long stretches of trail with small but loose rocks.

Iron Man

Advanced 14 km 1,150 meter
Iron man description

The Scout Camp

Advanced 15 km 1,150 meter

The Wang Bua Baan and Scout Camp trails share most of the trail (70%) before the left turn that will take you to technical sections. The trail undulates for the next kilometer and the rest is downhill all the way. This trail has it all: big rocks, series of small to medium-sized steps and drops (expect to get some air), and plenty of roots.

It’s a technical trail that keeps you enjoy riding downhilling ,and challenging your ability to control the bike to overcome the obstacles with great fun; you will forget to look around as the trails excites you all way down till the end.

Crazy Dust – Rock Garden

Advanced 12 km 1,150 meter

Whereas some of the other trails may have the odd little climb, all sections of Crazy Dust are almost 100% downhill. We turn off the road before the coffee plantation and a section of steep single track takes us to a winding dirt road that very quickly takes us deep into the forest where the fun starts.

A series of tight corners with plenty of roots and steps will grab and keep hold of your concentration, until you reach a stretch of smooth winding single track where you can relax. At least temporarily, until you hit an incredibly steep rocky section that has caught out many a rider. The final section consists of endless steps and drops and root until you eventually hit the main road where the trail ends.

Expert Only!

Crazy Dust – Wang Bua Baan

Expert Only! 13 km 1,150 meter
The combination of Crazy Dust and Wang Bua Baan, the mix of fun. The same start and about 50% of normal Crazy Dust then you will enjoy a steep fun section before you reach the smoother & popular section of Wang Bua Baan. You then will enjoy the fun of last section of Wang Bua Baan until the end of the trail.

Crazy Dust – Scout Camp

Expert Only! 14 km 1,300 meter
The longest Crazy Dust trail, the combination of Crazy Dust – Wang Bua Baan and Scout Camp which makes you a long nice ride of the day !

Rock ‘n Roll

Expert Only! 14 km 1,400 meter
With the same start of Hell Track, turning left to the single track to enjoy the roots and rock gardens. It’s a steep downhill section that requires great skill on controlling your bike to overcome those obstacles. There is a helicopter landing area where you can enjoy the view of Chiang Mai 180 degree ! After that enjoy the steep rock garden sections until the end at Huay Thueng Tao Lake.