Before we were X-Biking we were just DH-hungry locals inspired by reading mags and watching videos from the rest of the world. We had bikes, we had a mountain, we had the inspiration and so we went digging. Over 15 years later we’re still digging and what we’ve shaped and sculpted from our 1800 meter mountain now features in the mags (Dirt Magazine) and in the videos (This is Peaty). There’s a lot to say about our trails, lines and race tracks but two words say it best: Steve Peat. After first riding with us in 2012 Peaty came back with his mates in 2013 and our hall of fame now includes Brook MacDonald, Wyn and Eddie Masters, Nico Vink, Josh Brycleand, Sam Dale plus a whole host of Asian national champions. They weren’t passing through either; they made the trip here especially because it’s now a ‘must ride’ destination and because our annual race, the Chiang Mai Downhill Challenge, is the biggest little race in Asia.

Chances are you’re not a pro’ rider but we’ll show you the lines they loved and give you a pro set-up. We’ve got 2014 Pivot DH rigs, body armour, pads, gloves and full-face helmets to keep you safe as you descend and when that’s done we’ve also got a big pick-up and a stocked coolbox to get you and the bike back to the top of the hill refreshed and ready for another go.

We know everyone’s got their own take on what mountain biking is so when you book make sure you let us know what you’re after. Choose from full-on world class DH lines, Enduro and XC loops or mellow rides. The gravity trails will probably be some of the longest descents you’ve ever ridden. For example, Gee’s House is a virtually pedal-free 14km of fast single-track descent taking you through bamboo forest, rocky exposed sections and fields of pampas grass. All the trails are constantly maintained, the jumps well made (they have chicken runs if you’re not in the mood) and the bikes constantly serviced so you just need to hang on and enjoy the ride. We’re certified ‘Excellent’ from Trip Advisor too so you can see what others are saying about riding with us.

X-Biking is rider owned and rider run so come and ride with us and send a postcard home from somewhere other than the beach.



15 years of race experience.
The team currently competes in downhill and enduro races at national level.
Riding bikes is our passion and we want to share it with you.


Let us know where you stay and we will be there to get you for free!
*Only within Chiang Mai city limits


Full-suspension downhill bikes for all our downhill tours.
Hardtail cross country bikes for our lake run.


Full-face helmets, knee and elbow guards, full body armours, gloves and safety glasses.


Ride with confidence without worries!
*Book 2 days in advanced to secure an insurance


Lunch and drinks are provided on day tours.
*Only non-alcoholic drinks are provided


Our trails have been authorised to be used for mountain biking.


All included in the tour prices.