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What you should know about?

Which bike should I ride ?

Since all trails are NATURAL , some of them may contain a few gentle inclines, so the ideal weapon is a freeride bike with 6 or 7 inches of travel. Nearly just as good is a full-on DH bike, which is what most of the local riders use.
Anything less than an all-mountain bike is not suitable for the DH trails in the area.
Nothing’s ever as comfortable as your own bike, so if you have a bike that suits our kind of riding, by all means bring it with you, but make sure it is in good working order. It is worth having it serviced before your trip, certainly if you come riding for multiple days.
Bring spares, especially brake pads. The shops in town carry some elementary spares, but they generally don’t stock specialty items, so we recommend you bring those yourself. You don’t want to have your biking holiday cut short because you’ve run out of spares.

Which protective gear do I need ?
In terms of protection, you shouldn’t hit the trails without at least:

full-fingered gloves
knee/shin pads
a full face helmet
goggles, or sunglasses for those who really don’t like to wear goggles
In addition, we highly recommend:
elbow pads
chest & shoulder protector
As an alternative to these, you can wear a body armour suit, which generally provides elbow, shoulder and chest protection all in one.